Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a local firm to prepare your taxes and e-file your return, we are the solution. We are experienced in tax law and will complete your return accurately and completely. If you are looking for a new tax preparer, you might have questions about our services. Please find below the answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked.

How do you charge for tax return preparation?

Tax return preparation cost is based on the estimated time it will take to prepare your return. Once we see your documents, we will be able to quote a precise price. Please call for a custom quote!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is required at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, checks and credit/debit cards, however we add 3% to your total bill for credit card processing. We do not deduct payment from tax refunds or offer loans based on anticipated refunds.

What should I bring with me?

If we have not prepared your taxes before, please bring your prior two years’ tax returns with you when you come to your appointment. Additional items to bring depend on your individual situation. Please download our Tax Appointment Checklist for additional suggestions.

Why do you need to see prior year tax returns?

If this is your first time here, we ask to see two prior year tax returns. We will double check these returns for accuracy, free of charge. Should an error be found, we will discuss your options with you. There is only a fee if we need to amend the returns for you.

When you file your return with us, we guarantee your return will be filed accurately. If we file your return and there is an error, we will pay all penalties and interest associated with the error. Because you only pay the tax you owe, there is no risk to you in trying our services.

Do you offer audit protection services?

Yes! For a nominal fee, we offer audit protection services for returns we have prepared. This protection lasts for the entire IRA audit statute (which is generally 3 years). Ask for our brochure!

Do you prepare the tax return while I wait?

Our primary goal is to make sure you pay the least amount of taxes to which you are legally required to pay. Therefore, preparing the return while you wait is an option for simple returns only. We prefer to have clients drop off their information in our secure 24/7 drop box, then schedule a time to sign and pick up the completed return.

If you are a first time client, often two meetings are required: an initial meeting to go over your documents, and a second meeting to sign and pick up your completed return. The initial meeting will need to be between a half hour and an hour, while the second meeting is often only fifteen minutes.

Returning clients often drop off their documents in our convenient 24/7 “drop box” at the Hinckley location, or under the door at the Geneva location. With this option, a meeting is scheduled to sign and pick up the completed return.

Do I have to electronically file my tax return?

While we prefer to electronically file all tax returns and electronic payments, however it is not a requirement. We prefer electronic filing and electronic refunds primarily because they are faster and more secure than regular mail. If you would rather mail your tax return, we can certainly accommodate. If you choose to mail your return, an additional form is required by the IRS to explain why a client is not choosing to electronically file their return.

What if I live out of state or far away?

If you live out of state or far away, please consider using our client portal for secure data transmission. Initially, please contact me for a login and password. Once set up, you will use the same login every year.

If you prefer, you can use FEDEX, UPS or USPS to mail your documents to us.

Enabling tracking will help you know when your documents have arrived. Please send original documents, not copies. All original documents will be returned to you when the return is completed and a signature will be required. I return all documents via USPS Priority Mail unless another method is specified by the client.

What if I receive a letter from the IRS or State of Illinois?

We need to see any correspondence received from the IRS or State of Illinois, in a timely fashion. I do offer tax resolution services, however the cost is NOT included in the original tax preparation unless the Audit Protection Plan option was purchased. I charge hourly for clients that did not purchase the Audit Protection Plan when the return was filed. Generally, resolution services start at $100 per hour and require a retainer fee for work to begin.