Kane and DeKalb County Tax Preparation

Kane and DeKalb County Tax Preparation

Coronavirus Office Procedures

Our hours are currently limited in an attempt to promote social distancing and control in-person traffic. If you need to visit either of our locations in person, please call for an appointment. If you need to get documentation to us and prefer to use a non-contact solution, we continue to accept documents via mail-in, fax, and secure portal options. Please call or email us if you have questions.
Formed in 2012, DienhartCPA has grown from a single owner business to a business with five employees and two locations. We offer solutions to manage your small business and individual tax planning. Our goal is to make complex tax and business issues understandable and navigate them in a way that is best for you and your business. We believe everyone should pay only what they owe in taxes, no more and no less. We offer a variety of packages, so you can choose how much or how little we do for you. Call us today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation and see what we can do for YOU!

Our Staff

With over sixty years of combined experience, our team can help you achieve your goals.

Our Services

Kathleen L Dienhart CPA Limited offers a variety of services to meet the needs of every individual and business.

Business Consulting and Planning

Do you dream of starting or owning a business? A business idea is the first step in a journey that will lead your company to success in the future. But a great idea is not enough – it needs the right strategies and systems to help it succeed. We help you think "outside the box" to find the solutions that will help your business not only survive, but thrive. We can help turn your dream into reality! Yes, we do accounting – but we also do so much more. We can set up your business structure, provide payroll and sales tax services, help with budgeting and forecasting, inspire ways to improve your business and increase profitability, and we also do tax returns! Partner with us as your total business solution.

Accounting Software Selection and Implementation

We specialize in QuickBooks for small businesses. We can get your company started the right way, with the right software for your needs. If you already have QuickBooks or Quicken, we can evaluate if you are using the best version for your company. We can make sure you are taking advantage of all the software has to offer.

Bookkeeping Services

We have extensive experience with many industries. We can provide basic bookkeeping services so your data is entered right the first time. Small businesses often need basic bookkeeping services, but do not yet need to hire a full-time employee to keep things up-to-date. We can bridge this gap. We offer weekly, monthly, and quarterly bookkeeping packages to keep your records up to date.

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

We can prepare your financial statements, and explain them to you in a way you can understand. We realize many small business owners are not accounting or tax professionals. Our goal is to help you understand the basics of your business; where you are and where you are going, to help you reach your business goals.

Income Tax Preparation

We love taxes. We take the confusion out of tax law so you can understand your obligations, as well as your rights. We will make sure you pay only the tax you owe; no more and no less.

Payroll Services

We understand that payroll processing and payroll returns can be confusing. We offer a self-service payroll processing option that is cost effective for the small business. It even includes direct deposit for your employee and electronic tax payments at no additional cost to you. For a low monthly fee, your confidential data is stored securely, and in many cases integrates directly with your current accounting software. We can process your paychecks, your subcontractor payments, your quarterly payroll returns, and your annual W-2s and 1099s. We also help make sure you keep your employee documentation up-to-date (such as W-4, W-9, and I-9 forms).

Referral Services

We know we cannot do everything, but we know lots of people who can fill the gaps. If you have a need that is beyond our scope of practice, we can recommend someone local for you: computer technicians, lawyers, auditing firms, retirement planning, business valuation, we know people.

Sales Tax Services

We are fluent in Illinois sales tax laws. This means we will prepare your sales tax returns as well as help make sure you keep documentation up-to-date (such as exempt certificates).

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